Computer Problems?
$69.99 Fixed or Free!

Virus Support

We Offer Expert Online Virus Removal for the most difficult viruses that may harm your computers data.

Network Support

We provide network support for small to medium size businesses which includes monitoring.

Data Backup & Recovery

We provide data recovery/backup support for small to medium size businesses which includes monitoring.


We are a Online remote computer repair and support company that allows you to have your PC diagnosed and repair without having to disconnect it and drive it to a repair shop unless its a hardware issue and even then with our skilled technicians we can walk you through installing hardware. We don’t care whose software is interfering with what company’s hardware or operating system. We support "Out of Warranty" computers as well those that are under warranty.


Too often you end up on the phone, dialing your way through numerous menus, waiting on hold after you’re finally offered the “talk to a human” option--only to find out that the company you’re calling doesn’t consider it their problem or there is a language barrier.


However, with us, you’ll have a knowledgeable computer repair tech on the case with you in just minutes. Let us help to get the frustrated knot out of your stomach and the kinks out of your computer. Whether you’re an IT guru at a small to medium size company who’s facing “death by a thousand cuts” from countless office-related computer problems or a freelancer who’s fed up with managing tricky computer tech support issues on your own, you can count on the team here at to restore your balance and sanity. We are a 100% U.S. based team of computer tech support technicians with vast expertise in practically every operating system and hardware platform under the sun.


The way our computer tech support program works is simple. You dial our toll-free hotline, 914-573-4853 , at any time of day or night. For a flat fee of only $69.99, you then get unlimited assistance with your computer issue for a full week, including free call back support if your problem persists after your consultation. You won’t waste precious business minutes (or even hours) stuck on hold with an automated agent or desperately parsing foreign accents. What’s more, the breadth and depth of our understanding of computer tech support problems is practically unmatched. It’s no wonder that so many Fortune 500 businesses trust for detailed, friendly, and cost effective solutions.


We can field small-scale questions involving browser, printer, and email problems as well as massively complicated issues regarding software applications, networking, connectivity and virus / spyware. There’s no “per minute basis” associated with our service – you can use our help as much as you need within that one week window – so you can relax and get all of your issue-related concerns taken care of. Please call us now to get started.

Online Remote Computer Repair